Vegan Summer Fest
Sunday, August 23th 2020
Flanders Expo Ghent
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Belgium's biggest vegan festival is back!

On the 23th of August BE Vegan's Vegan Summer Fest returns to Belgium's vegan capital: Ghent.

With over 5000 visitors and more than 100 stalls at the 2019 edition, BE Vegan chose Flanders Expo Ghent as a new location for the highlight of the year!

Flanders Expo is a venue that is well known throughout the country, is easily accessible and accommodates the needs of our (inter)national exhibitors.

Our favourite festival grows steadily with every edition and so does the variety in products stalls are offering. With countless food trucks, food stalls, lifestyle shops and NGO's together with fascinating talks and mouth watering cooking demos, who could say no to the vegan highlight of the year?

At last year's edition many food stalls & trucks sold out, every exhibitor we spoke to was more than satisfied and visitors could hardly wait for the next Vegan Summer Fest!

Safe to say 2020's edition will be big, make sure you don’t miss out.

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